WELCOME !    Jenks Tire Company is a quaint tire shop located in downtown Bakersfield.  Its beginnings took root in 1923 at a wrecking yard in Salt Lake City(Utah), with a  fifteen year old boy  repairing wooden spoke wheels(common  on automobiles at that time).  It wasn't long before this young man was involved in recapping --a newly developing industry in which rubber is vulcanized onto a worn out tire to create a new tread.  In 1952 Joe Jenks opened his own tire recapping shop in Bakersfield, and moved it to its present location in 1958.  Although the old retreading molds and other tire equipment aren't used anymore, his son Jeff has preserved some of the historic artifacts in a nineteen twenties era tire shop replica.  If you need tires mounted on your old vintage vehicle, or late model car or truck, we can do that.  In addition to the sales and servicing of new tires, we also do brakes and minor auto repairs.  Please do come on by and see us, if only to reminisce.  Our shop hours are:  Mon thru Fri 8am to 5:30pm, Sat 8am to 12pm
908 21st STREET (AT P ST)